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Ready, Set, Grill!

5/30/2022 (Permalink)

steaks on a grill The joy of outdoor cooking.

SERVPRO of Yuma fire remediation specialists advises Yuma-area grill masters to think about safety during the cooking season.

Firing up the BBQ and Grilling all Year Long is Part of the Joy of Living in Yuma. But, every homeowner should practice safety when cooking outdoors. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) warns families that grilling season also marks a rise in home fires started by outdoor grilling activities. According to the NFPA, on average, 10,600 home fires are started by grills each year. These fires caused an average of 10 deaths, 160 serious injuries, and $149 million in direct property damage.

"Sixty-one percent of U.S. households own a gas grill," says Rick Isaacson, CEO of SERVPRO Industries, LLC. "A total of sixty-four percent own at least one outdoor BBQ, grill, or smoker. The popularity of this outdoor cooking equipment combined with longer, warmer days creates a unique fire hazard that should be taken seriously."

The NFPA offers these basic tips for fire-safe grilling for gas/propane grills: 

  • Check the gas tank for leaks before using
  • Open the lid on all gas grills before lighting the grill

For Charcoal Grills:

  • Use only charcoal starter fluid to start the fire but never add it or any flammable liquids to a fire that is burning
  • Cool coals completely before you dispose of them in a metal container

For All Grills:

  • Place the grill well away from house and deck railings. Don't place it under eaves or branches
  • Remove grease and fat buildup from grills and trays after each use
  • Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the grill
  • Never leave the grill unattended when in use

For Deep Fryers:

U.S. fire departments respond to more than 1,000 fires involving deep fryers each year. There are, on average five deaths and 60 injuries every year. More than 900 homes and $15 million in property damage are blamed on the careless use of deep fryers, according to the NFPA.

  • Keep deep fryers more than 10 feet from the house or structure
  • Stay away from any flammable materials like tall grass or trees
  • Never leave your deep fryer unattended
  • Protect the chef by wearing oven mitts  
  • When working with hot grease and flammable material keep children or animals at a safe distance
  • Have pots to smother flames and a fire extinguisher handy. NEVER use WATER on a grease fire.


Charcoal and gas grills produce large amounts of carbon monoxide which can be deadly. Even small amounts of carbon monoxide can kill you. This might seem obvious. However, every year at least a dozen people die from using outdoor grills inside homes and structures

At SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills we encourage you to be safe when you cook outdoors. Over the years, our company has responded to several fire cleanup jobs caused by outdoor grilling. That’s why we hope you will be safe and not have to employ our fire and smoke cleanup services.

For more safety information visit: 123HELP APP

To reach SERVPRO of Yuma East/Foothills call 928-247-1180

It’s Just a Little Water Spill.

4/14/2022 (Permalink)

a moisture meter SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills uses digital meters and thermal image cameras to detect hidden moisture in building materials..

There’s Often More Water Than You Think

When a property owner experiences a flooding event, they can see the water on the surface but do not necessarily understand how far the moisture can spread under the surface and into the structural materials. The amount of visible moisture and the hidden moisture present during a flooding event can be compared to an iceberg in the ocean; there is more ice below the surface than above. In other words, during a structural flooding event, there is usually more moisture below the surface.

If your structure experiences a flooding event, even a small spill, be aware that carpets, wood, sheetrock will absorb moisture. Moisture will also seep through cracks and seams and flow downward by way of gravity. As time goes by, the wicking action of sheetrock can draw moisture upward from water on the floor at the rate of one inch per-hour. Up to two feet of sheetrock can get wetted. To prevent this from happening, as soon as water damage technicians arrive, they often make a “flood cut.” A flood cut is defined as removing the baseboard and then neatly cutting and removing a horizontal portion of sheetrock to stop the wicking action.

SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills water damage technicians are trained and experienced in detecting how far moisture can spread. Our technicians also use moisture meters and thermal image cameras to assist them in detecting hidden moisture so they can focus restoration drying equipment to where it is needed. You may be asking how a thermal image cameras can find trapped moisture? Thermal image cameras detect temperature variations in structural materials. Damp materials will give a different temperature reading than dry materials.

What Happens When Hidden Moisture is Not Thoroughly Removed?

Structural materials that remain damp for extended time can contribute to microbial growth such as mold and dry rot. Over time, dry rot destroys wood and can damage the structural integrity of a building.  Prolonged dampness in carpets and underlayment’s will produce stale damp odors. Indoor air quality will suffer when a building remains damp making it uncomfortable for the occupants. That’s why water damage drying professionals set their goal to completely dry a structure within three to five days, whenever possible. That’s also why the EPA recommends having drying procedures under way within 48-hours or less. In some cases, serious flooding events require longer than five days to dry. Fortunately, there are professional restorative drying techniques to reduce or prevent the risk of residual long-term damage.  Controlled demolition and the use of anti-microbial treatment may be required in these circumstances.

Should your property experience a water damage event be aware the water may have spread further than you imagine, be sure to contact SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills for assistance. 928-247-1180.

The Yuma Area Can Be Impacted by Multiple Types of Disasters.

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

Triler mounted generter and dry equipment Many SERVPRO storm team members have large trailer mounted drying equipment that can be used during storm damage cleanup.

Remember, Mother Nature is in Control 

We have all heard or read the news headlines about climate change and the daily impact it has on our lives here in Yuma and our surrounding area. There are also major natural disasters that could impact our part of the world. Let’s look at these.


We all know that we live in an earthquake prone area. That’s why we should be prepared and have emergency supplies like water, food, and a first aid kit on hand. For businesses, SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills offers a free emergency ready plan to help business owners be ready for whatever happens. Check it out, call us today at 928-247-1180.

Monsoon Rains

We experience an annual monsoon season. Some years it’s more intense than other years. If your home or business is in or near a flood zone, be sure to have a supply of sandbags at the ready. Monitor weather and storm reports and be prepared to evacuate. SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills provides flood damage cleanup services. However, unless you have special flood coverage, flooding is not usually covered by insurance policies

Wind Damage

Wind damage is usually covered by insurance policies which is a good thing because winds can rip shingles from roofs, topple trees and power poles, and blow debris around causing a great amount of property damage. We don’t have to experience a tornado to suffer wind damage. SERVPRO of Yuma East provides cleanup and reconstruction repairs.

Dust Storms

Dust storms are something that happens to people that live in a desert. SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills can clean residential and commercial HVAC systems and other damage caused by dust storms.


We tend to think of wildfires as a problem for forested locations. Wildfires can spread through desert and grassland environments, and they will burn agricultural crops and structures that are in their path. Wildfires also produce smoke pollution. SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills is well equipped to provide cleanup the damage caused by wildfires. We have travelled as a SERVPRO Storm Team member to California to participate in wildfire cleanup.

Hail & Freeze Events

As drastic weather events take place all around the globe it is not unrealistic to imagine our desert area suffering from a hail damage or a heavy freeze. This very thing happened in Texas in 2021. It could happen here. The problem is our buildings and infrastructure is not designed to handle a prolonged freeze event. When there is a freeze warning cover outdoor plants, cover outdoor plumbing fixtures, and be prepared for a loss of electricity and water.

As a proud member of the SERVPRO Storm Team, we’re prepared to travel to other regions that need help with storm damage cleanup. However, we are also prepared to help here, in our own communities, any time we are needed. SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills, 928-247-1180.

Professional Fire and Smoke Cleanup Equipment

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

An ultrasonic cleaning machine Ultrasonic cleaning machine are the ultimate tool for cleaning and deodorizing soot contaminated contents.

Advanced Technology for Fire and Smoke Remediation

Cleaning up soot and smoke residue after a fire often requires special cleaning chemicals and advanced technology. That because the composition of the soot may contain oils, acids, and other harsh particulates that bond to surfaces. SERVPRO of Yuma has invested in the technology required to cleanup a soot and smoke contaminated environment. The following is a list of the many of the types of equipment we own. This may be a rather technical article for residential consumers however, our insurance adjusters and facilities engineer clients appreciate this information. We are presenting this material to demonstrate our commitment to provide excellent service.

  • HEPPA Vacuums

These are special vacuums that remove 99.9% of fine airborne particulates and are designed not to exhaust particles back into the air during vacuuming.

  • HEPA Air Purification (air-scrubbers)

The portable filtration machine suck air into primary and secondary filters and through HEPA filters and then exhaust clean air back into the room. Our machines exchange 500 cubic feet of air or more per minute.

  • Ozone Machines

The use of ozone has proven to be an effective deodorization tool for cleaning up fire/smoke, cooking odors, and trauma scenes. How does ozone destroy odors? Ozone reacts with odor molecules by transferring the “extra” oxygen atom of the ozone molecule in gas form to the odor molecule, and that changes its composition, so it no longer has the same chemical makeup. This chemical reaction is called oxidation and is used in various cleaning applications to kill odor.

  • Hydroxyl Generator

This is an adaptation of an Ozone machine that can be safely used in rooms where people are working, or present. This air cleaning technology is used on the International Space Station and in Submarines. 

  • Esporta Laundry Systems

The Esporta industrial grade laundry machine was invented in Canada to clean hockey uniforms and firefighter’s jackets. The Esporta system can handle the toughest cleaning assignment such as soot, yet it’s designed not to abrade and wear fibers which makes ideal for more delicate fabrics too.

  • Ultrasonic Content Cleaning Machines (Pictured)

When a fire happens and spreads smoke throughout an interior environment the contents often become covered and saturated with a dark black film of soot. An ultrasonic washing system cleans away the smokey film far more thoroughly than can cleaning by hand. For objects that can be immersed in a wet solution, there is no better or faster way to clean.

SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills is dedicated to using the best technology so we can produce quality results that meets our customer’s needs.

How Come the Mold Came Back?

4/12/2022 (Permalink)

Mold on wall under a window A common place for mold colonies to form on a wall is below a window.

Fix the Moisture Source to Prevent Mold from Returning

Many homeowners tell us that they removed the mold from their bathroom walls, but it returned several days later. They ask why? Our response is based upon the science of drying and years of experience concerning working in damp or wet structures to perform mold remediation. Here’s our answer, “Mold requires moisture to grow. There are always mold spores in the air in both the outdoors and within our indoor environments. When a surface becomes damp and when the relative humidity of the indoor air reaches 60% or higher, mold will grow.”

Why Does Mold Return to the Same Location?

This is another common question and there is a logical reason why mold first grew on a certain location and why it returns to that location even after being removed. It’s because the conditions were ideal for mold growth in the first place. The air-movement in the room carried mold spores to a certain location where the texture, temperature, and moisture conditions were perfect for a mold colony to develop, These locations are often found on outside facing walls and usually above or below windows. Bathrooms and kitchens produce steam and are the usual rooms in which mold can become a problem. 

It’s easy to remove mold patches, but if the moisture conditions are not corrected, new airborne mold spores will settle in the exact locations. There are ways to prevent this cycle from repeating:

  • Ventilate kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms so moisture doesn’t exceed 60% RH.
  • Use dehumidifiers and HVAC system as necessary
  • Install and use powerful exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Be sure that exterior walls are properly insulated
  • Inspect for exterior leaks, including pipe leaks that could dampen a wall
  • Maintain indoor temperature so condensation doesn’t collect on exterior walls

SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills has observed that most interior mold is caused by lack of ventilation. That means opening doors, and window to ventilate and operating exhaust fans in damp rooms to prevent mold growth.  Anytime you need advice about a mold problem or require mold remediation, we are here to help. Our experienced team can be reached at: 928-247-1180

Helping a Large Commercial Facility Recover from a Disaster is Never Simple

4/12/2022 (Permalink)

trailer mounted Drying and power equipment SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills has access to the equipment to dry and restore large commercial projects.

Commercial Property Damage Recovery Services are Specialized and Complex

When a factory, airport, or other large building is struck by a disaster the mitigation and restoration is a huge project involving dozens of overlapping moving parts. This highly swirling activity may seem like a whirl-wind but it is not. It is synchronized in a logical order where one step often leads to another and ends on time (when all goes according to the scope and plan).    

An Overview of the Services that Might Be Utilized During a Large Commercial Disaster:

  • Security, Board-up, and Fencing
  • Project Scope and Recovery Plan/Cost and Timeline Projections
  • Industrial Hygienist’s & Engineering Reports
  • Job Safety Management
  • Building Permits and Scheduled Inspections
  • Daily Indoor Environmental Testing and Reports
  • Daily Progress Documentation / Photos & Diaries
  • Daily Progress Briefings
  • Publicity Management
  • Employee Labor-force Supervision and Hourly Documentation
  • Background Checks of All Laborers
  • Management of Sub-contractors and Suppliers
  • Temporary Power / Generators
  • Temporary Lighting
  • Data and Communication Systems Recovery
  • Temporary Office Pods
  • Portable Toilets
  • Storage Pods
  • Containment Chambers
  • Structural Drying / Desiccants / Dehumidifiers
  • Structural Cleaning
  • Air Filtration and Purification Systems
  • HVAC Repair and Cleaning
  • Document Drying and Recovery
  • Electronic Equipment Recovery & Restoration
  • Heavy Equipment Recovery & Restoration
  • Controlled Demolition
  • Debris Removal
  • Reconstruction
  • Final Cleanup
  • Inventory of Supplies and Materials
  • Invoicing and Accounting Documentation

SERVPRO OF Yuma East, Foothills is a trained and approved in commercial  cleaning and restoration projects. We also work along other Large Loss Certified SERVPRO Contractors when a major disaster impacts a facility.  

We, and our other SERVPRO partners are here for you 24/7. One call to 928-247-1190 and help will be on the way, no matter the size of the disaster.

Biohazard Events Are Common

4/11/2022 (Permalink)

toilet sewage spill Sewage is perhaps the most common bio-hazard that SERVPRO technicians cleanup.

Everyday Cleaning Chemicals Can Become a Biohazard Scene When Misused

A biohazard is defined as a chemical or any substance that is hazardous to life when it contacts human or animal life.  Examples of common sources for biohazards are an industrial chemical spills, toxic smoke, sewage spills, and trauma scene cleanup where bodily fluids have been spilled. There are many others. Even cleaning agents such as bleach are biohazards when they are spilled or used incorrectly. All biohazard events, from small to large, must be treated and cleaned up with caution.

The US EPA and OSHA provide cleanup guidelines for many bio-hazardous situations. The manufacturers of numerous chemicals also provide safety sheets that instruct cleaning companies on how best to remediate contamination involving their products. The labels on the containers alert consumers about how to use these products properly and what to do when “accidents” happen.

SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills remediates sewage spills and trauma scenes frequently in Yuma county. Our technicians are trained and equipped to work safely in these conditions to contain the pollution and not contaminate themselves or spread the problem beyond the cleanup area.

Toilet overflows can be nasty. Sometimes the water and waste is from wastewater pipes, and it flows into one or two homes or businesses. Or, in multi-story buildings the ground floor units can be contaminated from above. Sewage water always contains bacteria and is nothing for the amateur to deal with on a do-it-yourself basis. Before you attempt to clean up any hazardous scene make a call tom or office. We are pleased to provide advice and if need be, we can quickly be onsite to resolve the problem in the right and safest way. SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills: 928-247-1180

Our SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills Company Mission

4/10/2022 (Permalink)

Servpro cleaning van SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills has the equipment to serve our community.

We Want to be a Yuma Based Business That Makes a Difference

“We are strongly based in the region, I’m first generation American, the first in my family to be born here in Yuma” says, Andy Alverez.” He added, I’m proud to be connected to the Hispanic and Anglo communities.” His family owns SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills, and his original SERVPRO franchise, located in El Centro. In early 2022, Andy purchased a Yuma building to be used as his cleaning facility that will house industrial grade laundry and content cleaning equipment. The building will serve as the base of operation for his crew to service his Yuma territory.

The goal for SERVPRO of Yuma East is to focus on hiring local talent whenever possible and train and educate every employee to be among the best in the restoration industry anywhere.  Andy invests in technical and customer service training for his employees and in advanced training and consulting/coaching for himself and key managers. The reason? He explains, “The mitigation and restoration industry is constantly changing and so are sales and marketing methods. Sure, our SERVPRO Franchise Corporate office provides outstanding training to the 1,700 operators in our system, but I want more personalized assistance and attention that only a freelance consultant can provide.”

SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills serves a unique population. We are aware that 60% of the people in Yuma are Hispanic (57.8k+ people). We respond by having a majority bi-lingual workforce.  Yuma County has a year-round population of approximately 200,000+ residents. During the winter, our population increases by about 90,000 due to the sun-seeking Winter Visitors that we affectionately known as "Snowbirds".  We have become expert at drying and cleaning wet or moldy RV homes and manufactured housing. We also know how to remove smoke and odor contamination from the surfaces and the finish materials used in these living environments. Every property damage repair we produce is important to us, it’s not about the size or cost of the project, it’s about helping our year-round and wintertime residents. Our mission is simple… to make a difference.

What is Your Indoor Air Quality?

4/8/2022 (Permalink)

Close up photo of germs in the air Airborne particulates are in the air we breathe. Maybe it's time to consider our indoor air quality?

New Report Indicates Office Employees are Highly Concerned about Indoor Air Quality

Honeywell Building Technologies has released results from their second annual study on workers' perceptions and feelings about the health and safety of the air quality in their office workspace. The study surveyed more than 3,000 office employees who typically work in large buildings with 500 or more employees. The study took place across the United States, in the United Kingdom, Germany, India, and in the Middle East. The following information presents a summary of the key findings in the Honeywell study.

Unhealthy Indoor Environments Can Drive Employees Away

With more persons returning to offices, it is important for business owners to be aware of how employees feel about their workspace indoor air quality.

  • 89% of the persons surveyed in the six regions of the world believe that indoor air quality impacts their health and well-being.
  • 91% of Americans believe the quality of the air they breathe has a direct impact on their health and well-being.
  • 74% of respondents believe that indoor air is less healthy than outdoor air.
  • 65% of American respondents said they would consider leaving their job over an unhealthy indoor environment.

There is a Lack of Knowledge About Indoor Air Quality

Despite agreement that safe IAQ has significant health benefits,  U.S. office workers lack an overall understanding of the factors that contribute to Indoor Air Quality. Nearly three in five surveyed U.S. office workers (57%) cannot correctly identify the factors that contribute to IAQ, and more than three-quarters (77%) have little or no knowledge of their own building’s IAQ.

Thanks to educational information concerning Covid, the public are becoming aware that viruses are spread more easily within indoor environments. However, there is less information known about other factors that affect indoor air quality such as airborne particulates caused by carpet fibers, dust, dander, gases, cleaning chemicals, moisture (humidity), and mold spores. Indoor air quality testing usually only happens when there has been a fire, chemical spill, sewage backup, or a flood event. Perhaps routine air testing should be conducted on a quarterly basis in building that has a certain number of employees?

There are remedies to improve our indoor air quality in office spaces and public buildings and include the following:

  • Air filtration using HEPA technology and Ultraviolet light
  • Frequent clean air exchange
  • The use of HEPA vacuuming during routine office cleaning
  • Reduce dependency on certain cleaning chemicals and products
  • Emphasize the use of EPA and CDC approved cleaning products
  • Install cleanroom technology where appropriate
  • Regular cleaning of HVAC and air handling systems
  • Air quality testing

SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills provides HVAC cleaning in commercial and public buildings, including the cleaning of PTAC units.

We are also able to provide air quality testing during and after the cleanup of smoke damage, biohazard events, sewage backups, water damage, and mold remediation. Many of the cleaning agents we use are EPA and CDC approved or recommended.

SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills has completed cleaning projects in hospitals, medical offices, hotels, and senior living communities where indoor air quality is always  top of mind. We are always available to consult or help with mitigation projects. For details, call 928-247-1180.

Advantages of PTAC Cleaning for the Yuma Hospitality Industry

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

A PTAC room air-conditioner Having a clean and properly functioning Packaged Thermal Air Conditioner unit is critical to comfort and life in our harsh Yuma desert climate.

The Value of Packaged Thermal Air Conditioning in a Desert

Imagine life in the Yuma area without AC? That's why Packaged Thermal Air Conditioning (PTAC) units provide comfort for hotel guests, residents of senior living communities, and everywhere else they are in use. The benefits of a fully functional PTAC system cannot be understated. However, a PTAC unit that is not functioning correctly will be a constant source of guest (resident) unhappiness and complaints. Like all appliances, PTAC units require servicing and care to operate reliably at peak efficiency.

A recent industry survey revealed that the average lifetime of these units is about seven years. However, with proper care, PTAC units can last up to ten years. Energy efficiency technology and performance have improved dramatically in the past few years and may entice consumers to replace older units sooner. These newly manufactured units are now charged with an EPA mandated alternative refrigerant, R-410A, which is less harmful to our atmosphere and specifically, the ozone layer. Testing reveals these new models are more efficient and they will last longer than the previous technology when properly cared for.

How Often Should a PTAC Unit be Cleaned?

Whether you have old or current PTAC units they should be cleaned at least once each month, or more often in a new facility or in rooms with carpeted flooring. In fact, dirty filters will decrease HVAC operating efficiency by as much as 20% while reducing energy costs. A dirty PTAC filter will also increase your energy costs.

SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills (and our El Centro location) provides commercial HVAC cleaning  including regular cleaning programs for PTAC units. Please, give our office a call so we can discuss your requirements and hopefully help you maintain and extend the useful life of your PTAC appliances. 

Our experienced technicians can be reached at: 928-247-1180

How do I Clean Up Mold?

12/16/2021 (Permalink)

EPA Mold booklet The EPA has produced an informative free booklet about moisture and mold in your home.

Mold, Moisture, and Your Home

The EPA has published a helpful mold guide for homeowners to understand why mold might be growing in our homes and how to remove it. The booklet, Mold Moisture, and Your Home is available as a PDF download from the EPA.

In this article, we have quoted several key areas of information from the EPA mold guide to provide you with a quick review of the information. However, we recommend that you download and read the entire booklet!

  • Molds are usually not a problem indoors, unless mold spores land on a wet or damp spot and begin growing.”
  • The mold spores will not grow if moisture is not present. Indoor mold growth can and should be prevented or controlled by controlling moisture indoors. If there is mold growth in your home, you must clean up the mold and fix the water problem.”
  • Who should do the cleanup depends on a number of factors… one consideration is the size of the mold problem? If the moldy area is less than about 10 square feet (less than roughly a 3 ft. by 3 ft. patch), in most cases, you can handle the job yourself, following the guidelines below.”

The EPA booklet warns homeowner against self-do-it-cleaning if the mold source was contaminated with sewage, if you suspect the HVAC system is contaminated, and if there is a quantity of mold more than 10 square feet. The booklet then provides two pages of instructions about how to safely and properly clean moldy surfaces. The instruction discuss how to safely use bleach (if, and when it may be needed).

  • Avoid breathing in mold or mold spores. In order to limit your exposure to airborne mold, you may want to wear an N-95 respirator, available at many hardware stores and from companies that advertise on the Internet.
  • Wear gloves. Long gloves that extend to the middle of the forearm are recommended. When working with water and a mild detergent, ordinary household rubber gloves may be used. If you are using a disinfectant, a biocide such as chlorine bleach, or a strong cleaning solution, you should select gloves made from natural rubber, neoprene, nitrile, polyurethane, or PVC.
  • Wear goggles. Goggles that do not have ventilation holes are recommended. Avoid getting mold or mold spores in your eyes.
  • Cleanup and Biocides. Biocides are substances that can destroy living organisms. The use of a chemical or biocide  that kills organisms such as mold (chlorine bleach, for example) is not recommended as a routine practice during mold cleanup. There may be instances, however, when professional judgment may indicate its use.

The EPA booklet asks an important question, how do I get rid of mold? Here is their answer:

  • "It is impossible to get rid of all mold and mold spores indoors; some mold spores will be found floating through the air and in house dust. The mold spores will not grow if moisture is not present. Indoor mold growth can and should be prevented or controlled by controlling moisture indoors. If there is mold growth in your home, you must clean up the mold and fix the water problem. If you clean up the mold, but don’t fix the water problem, then, most likely, the mold problem will come back."

We can’t say it enough about, Mold, Moisture, and Your Home. It is an outstanding resource. We strongly encourage you to get a personal copy.

Please, understand, SERVPRO of Yuma is expert in resolving moisture and mold issues in homes and public buildings.  

We can be contacted at 928-247-1180

There is an Advantage to “Start to Finish” Service.

12/15/2021 (Permalink)

construction of a room Commercial property damage recovery requires careful planning and a well executed production schedule.

Commercial Locations With Property Damage Require Cohesive Service.

What do we mean by cohesive service?  We mean that SERVPRO of Yuma can provide all the services to restore a damaged property from start to finish. This is a unique advantage to our clients.

Most contractors are specialists and must bring in sub-contractors to perform certain tasks. When this happens there are often lag times in the production schedule and mistakes can easily happen. This is not the case with SERVPRO of Yuma, our services can flow seamlessly from the first day to the last day and there will be less communication mistakes because we will keep the same production supervisors on the job.

Many of the property damage jobs we repair are for businesses or income property. Businesses loss money when they are closed or partially closed, and income property is not making money when tenants aren’t paying rent.  That is the reason emergency damage cleanup and property damage repairs must be completed properly and quickly. We get it.

Andy Alverez and Richard Rodriquez, look forward to talking with you about your property repair needs now and potential future needs.  Please reach out, 928-247-1180.

Avoid Fire Damage at all Cost!

12/15/2021 (Permalink)

livingroom fire Fires are devastating. Do everything in your power to avoid having a fire.

How Can You Protect Your Home From Fire?

Preparing and maintaining your home to prevent fires is an excellent way to protect your family and your belongings. SERVPRO of Yuma East Foothills has prepared a list of ten helpful tips to help keep you safe.


Press the test button, if it beeps weakly, then you need to change the batteries ASAP.


If your heating sources aren’t working properly, they could trigger a fire. Have them checked by a professional. Make sure your air filters are always cleaned or replaced.  If you’re using a space heater – it needs to be positioned away from anything flammable.


 When stoves combust, it is usually caused by oils spilling during cooking, or because forgotten food particles on the burner. If you leave a dish towel or cookbook on a burner that you forgot was still hot, they can catch fire.

4.    DON’T LEAVE Cooking Food unattended

 A few seconds is all it takes for a fire to break out. Never leave cooking food unattended. If you must leave, call someone into the kitchen to watch the food until you get back.


Driers should be inspected on a yearly basis. Don’t forget to clean out your lint trap every time you put in a new load of laundry. You also want to check behind the machine for lint or clothing items like socks… clean the area and remove clothing items.


Before you plug something in, make sure that the cord hasn’t been frayed. Replace damaged wires because this is a huge fire hazard. Check your cord placement. They tend to get hot. Avoid running them under a rug or between your wall and furniture.


Household cleaners, solvents, and common cosmetic items such as hairspray can be hazardous if they are exposed to a heat source. They can combust. Keep them away from space heaters and other high heat sources.


Be cautious with candles. Keep them far away from curtains, blankets, or other flammable objects. Never put them on an uneven surface like carpets.  If you have pets, make sure lit candles stay out of their reach. Blow out candles when you leave the room.


 Use a fire screen to prevent sparks from escaping from the fireplace. Don’t burn rubbish in a fireplace. Don’t leave the room with the fireplace blazing. Dispose of the ashes properly. Make sure they are cool. Dispose of them in a metal container designated for the ashes.


Fire extinguishers are your best defense weapon when a fire breaks out. Make sure you have at least one in the kitchen, one in the garage. Every family member should know how to use an extinguisher so if a fire does happen, it can be put out as fast as possible. However, never put your life at risk. Know when to escape


There is nothing more devastating than losing your treasures to a house fire. Your home is where you make your most memories, so you owe it to yourself and your family to protect it.

If your home ever suffers from a fire or smoke damage, contact us to find learn how we can help with clean up and restoration services. We’re SERVPRO of Yuma East Foothills. Contact us at: 928-247-1180.

The Changing Weather Impacts us all.

12/15/2021 (Permalink)

weather map of Arizona Weather patterns are shifting. Don't be a victim. Be prepared with SERVPRO's Emergency Ready Plan.

You Can Be Prepared for Severe Weather!

We have all heard or read the news headlines about climate change and the daily impact it has on our lives here in Yuma and our surrounding area.

  • “A Pacific storm aiming first for the northern half of California and then moving south is picking up moisture from the tropical Pacific, making it a potent atmospheric river of precipitation also known as a "pineapple express.”
  • “Seven million people were under flash flood alerts in California, Nevada, and Arizona where as much as 10 inches of rain was possible, according to NBC News forecasters.
  • “Rates of rainfall from the storm could exceed one half inch per hour, leading to life-threatening flash floods and mudslides in areas where burn scars were created by recent wildfires, they said.”

The weather events that are intensifying and breaking 100-year records are:

  • High and low temperatures
  • Flooding
  • Wildfires
  • Wind and dust storms

There are other events that could take place including freezing and even tornadoes. We can’t change the weather, but we take actions to prepare our properties to with stand storm damage.

There are many homeowner tips available on the Internet for home and building owners such as keeping roofs well maintained and many others. Commercial property owners and income property owners of multi-unit buildings can have SERVPRO of Yuma produce a customized and free ERP (Emergency Ready Plan). This APP helps property owners be aware of the ways that damage can be avoided or minimized. The ERP helps a building owner manage a recovery if damage occurs.  For information, please contact our office at 929-247-1180

How Can I Prevent Water Damage in My Home?

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wet floor squeege Unwanted water in a home makes a huge mess.

There are Several Ways to Prevent Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common and costly problems to affect a home. The good news, there are ways to maintain a home to prevent water damage problems from happening.

  1. Remove outdoor plants and trees that are near water and sewage pipes
  2. Remove hoses from outdoor faucets when a freeze is anticipated
  3. Clean your gutters and down spouts frequently
  4. Push rain runoff away from the foundation (especially door and garage entries)
  5. Have sandbags ready if your home is in a potential flood zone
  6. If you use a sump pump, make sure it is in good working order
  7. Inspect your windows for water leaks
  8. Look at your roof, or have it professionally inspected
  9. Install a smart water main shutoff valve


  • Install smart water sensors
  • Inspect appliances that use water/ keep them in good repair
    1. Washing machines
    2. Dishwashers
    3. Ice makers
    4. Water-heaters  
  • Know where your main water shutoff is located
  • Know how to shutoff specific water valves to toilets, sinks, etc.

 The Importance of the Water Main:

Plumbing experts say that the water main shutoff may be the most important plumbing feature in the entire house. Your water main supplies water to the other pipes throughout your entire house. If you experience a plumbing emergency inside your home, knowing where to shut off the water will hopefully minimize any damage.

It is also a great idea to shut off your water main if you leave your home for an extended period-of-time.

Maintain Appliances:

Appliances are the most common cause of in-home water damage. Check and maintain your appliances regularly for leaks according to manufacturer’s directions. A water supply hose typically has a life expectancy of about five years. Replace yours regularly to avoid a mighty mess and expensive damage.

Install Water Detection Devices:

A water detector is a small electronic device that sounds an alarm when its sensor is in contact with moisture. Install it near water heaters, sump pumps, washing machines, dishwashers, and toilets to prevent extensive damage.  Some of the most advanced sensor can be connected to WIFI to send an alert signal to a smart phone. These devices are available at hardware stores and online retailers.

For more information about water damage and how to prevent it, please visit 123HELP.

Accidents Happen:

Even with the best planning and maintenance, a home may suffer from a water damage emergency. If that happens, SERVPRO of Yuma provides water damage restoration services 24/7. We are just a phone call away… 928-247-1180

A Valuable Free Offer from SERVPRO of Yuma

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a cellphone in hand The SERVPRO ERP (Emergency Ready APP) is a powerful business survival tool, and it's FREE.

We Care About Yuma Businesses

SERVPRO of Yuma is committed to helping business Yuma and the surrounding area thrive. We’re part of the community and having a healthy business environment is as important to everyone’s quality of life. That’s the reason we offer a free customized ERP (Emergency Ready Plan) for every business in Yuma, Dome, Fortuna Foothills, and Ligurta.

We are aware that when a business suffers a major property disaster such as a fire, it is difficult for companies to re-open their doors. We also know that almost half of the businesses that do reopen will go out of business within the next year. Why? It’s not usually because they don’t have insurance. It’s because they don’t have an emergency plan in place to help them be back in business quickly. A slow recovery can be deadly for a company because they lose their customers. Customers go elsewhere and become accustomed to the new business.

Schools, hospitals, and large businesses have extensive disaster recovery plans ready and in place. In fact, these organizations usually have one or more risk managers on staff to manage problems and challenges before they get out of hand and seriously impact the entity.

Small businesses don’t need an extensive plan, or a person on payroll to manage potential disasters. However,  emergency preparedness planning should be part of running a business.

FEMA and the Red Cross offers advice on emergency readiness. SERVPRO of Yuma takes it a step further. We have an EPR APP that puts your customized information about your company and facility at your fingertips.

What’s the Gimmick?

None. We believe that if we work with you to customize your business survival and recovery plan, we will build a friendly and favorable relationship. If you ever have an emergency, it’s likely you would opt to call us. It’s that simple. There are no costs of any kind, no contracts, and you maintain and own your information on the APP.

Sounds too good to be true. Call us and let us demonstrate to you that we really care about our fellow business community at 928-247-1180. We’re SERVPRO of Yuma.

Business interruption insurance is available to help companies survive a property damage event.

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People talking Always seek professional advice when it comes to protecting your property and business.

Business Interruption Insurance… explained.

When commercial property is damaged there is often a negative impact to the business(s) housed within the structure. Sometimes, the business interruption will last several days or longer and will disrupt the income earning capabilities of the company. In some cases, the interruption to the business is more “costly” than the damage to the structure. That’s why many companies have Business Interruption Insurance for just such an emergency. The Forbes Advisor describes this coverage like this, “Business interruption insurance helps to replace lost business income if you are unable to open your business on a temporary basis due to a loss covered by the policy, such as a fire or theft. Let’s say a storm knocks a tree into the front window of your business. Business interruption insurance, also known as business income insurance, would cover costs of lost income to your business until the window gets repaired.”

If you do not have business interruption insurance, you may want to have a conversation with your insurance agent. For more information on the topic, you can also review the Forbes Advisor article.

In the past, SERVPRO of Yuma has worked on commercial property damage losses where business interruption insurance is in effect. In these cases, our responsibly is to perform the cleanup and restoration as quickly as possible so the business can be back to work as soon as possible. Various studies have examined the reasons why some companies with adequate insurance go out of business after experiencing a disaster. The loss of customers and sales is a major factor. The findings made clear that the longer the business is interrupted, the more difficult it will be for the company to recover and survive. Time is of the essence! That’s why, at SERVPRO of Yuma, we will work 24/7 to help restore commercial property. Whenever possible, we will suggest and implement ways to keep at least part of a damaged company open and working.

Research about the effects of property damage on business recovery also reports that businesses that have emergency ready plans in place before the damage occurs have a substantial advantage in the recovery process and long-term survival.  SERVPRO of Yuma offers a customized emergency ready plan.  We would be pleased to talk with you about making a plan for your business, and it’s free!

SERVPRO of Yuma contact information:  928 -247-1180

What happens to contents after a house fire?

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a kitchen fire This kitchen fire spread smoke through the entire home.

How are the Contents Cared for After a Structural Fire?

Good question. When a fire happens, most people look at the obvious damage, which is the damage to the structure. The fire’s impact on the personal contents is an afterthought unless expect for the victims of the fire.

When flames or severe heat damage furniture, clothing, plastics, and other contents the damage is often “total”. When contents are damaged beyond repair the insurance company declares them to be total loss. The restoration company will document these items on a list called a total loss inventory. Valuable items with extreme damage may be retained and stored for fire investigators or insurance company adjusters to inspect. Other items will be disposed of.

However, when the source of the damage to the contents is from smoke and soot, the contents can often be restored. In many cases, soot, odor, and discoloration can be successfully removed when the items are cleaned and treated quickly.

The makeup of the smoke and soot has an impact on the difficulty of the cleaning and restorative process. For example, some soot will have a high-acid composition, others will leave oily deposits, each are cleaned and removed in their own way. The longer these substances remain on items the more damage they can do.

There are times when our content cleaning specialists at SERVPRO of Yuma are not able to quickly determine if a particular content can be cleaned and restored. In this case we perform a cleaning test on a small portion of the item. If the test yield a successful result, our technicians will proceed with full cleaning.

Sometimes, we will hire specialist contractors to work with us to restore valuable contents, especially on large fire cleanup projects where time is a critical component to the ultimate success of the recovery.

Services by Cleaning Specialists:

  • Electronic equipment
  • Clothing, leather, and fabric cleaners
  • Area rug cleaners
  • Fine art restoration
  • Document recovery

SERVPRO of Yuma takes every fire damage job seriously. Successfully cleaning a family’s contents and personal treasures is important and satisfying to us. We want to make every damage event we restore, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Yuma: 928-247-1180

The Changing Weather is Causing Storms to be More Severe.

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Big generators on trucks The SERVPRO Storm Team has many resources.

Is Your Home or Business Prepared For a Storm?

The shift in our climate is causing a worldwide increase and intensity of various types of storms. Extreme atmospheric temperatures collide to cause stronger tornadoes and hurricanes, and more of them. Draughts cause more wildfires. Heavy rains cause flooding and mud slides. Ice storms, and wind damage take a toll too. In many parts of the world, including where we live, and work, earthquakes can cause havoc.

Sometimes, people can feel helpless against the power of storms. However, we are able to take precautions and be prepared in advance of approaching storms. The Red Cross and FEMA websites provide many tips on disaster-readiness. These website offer ideas about having and maintaining an inventory of emergency supplies ready for use and making plans for communicating with family members and business associates during and after a disaster. For example, here in the Yuma area, flash floods are a possibility. Depending upon the location of your home or business, you may want to maintain an inventory of sandbags at the ready.

Consider the SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan

SERVPRO of Yuma offers an Emergency Ready Plan (ERP) free of cost for business owners and commercial customers here in the Yuma area. Users of the plan are not even obligated to use our service in the advent of disaster. Why do we offer such a valuable plan for free? Because we believe in our community and support our fellow business owners. We also believe that if we spend a couple of hours together customizing your disaster recovery plan, you will have confidence in our capabilities.

Our Emergency Ready Plan is designed to help commercial property owners and businesses to manage events during a storm and after a storm by assisting with the steps for a speedy recovery. The ERP plan is a phone APP that puts valuable data including contact information of co-workers and emergency response vendors at your fingertip.  We invite you to take advantage of our ERP offer by calling today for more information or for an appointment.

We are SERVPRO of Yuma East Foothills: 928 247-1180

How Can You Be Sure You’re Hiring a Good Company?

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SERVPRO employee From the owner to every technician, customer service is our number one mission.

Tips about How to Hire a Service Contractor

Good service providers are concerned with customer satisfaction. They want to turn customers into repeat business. Shady companies are all about making as much money as they can from each job and customer.

Reputable companies plan to be in business for the long haul. They care about our community and their reputation. In a town the size of Yuma, a bad reputation spreads quickly.

There are many companies that are honest and mean well, but they fail to deliver on quality, or have other serious shortcomings that impact their customers. The typical weaknesses are:

  • Not putting estimates in writing
  • Late arrival
  • Poor communication during the job
  • Working messy
  • Missing deadlines

Of these five problems, research studies reveal that the lack of clear communication is the basis for 80% of customer complaints about contractors. The remedy seems simple, keep both parties informed by using text memos, photographs of the work, and most important of all face-to-face conversations. However, communication failures seem to be part of the human condition and can quickly become the most significant obstacle in developing a stable professional relationship. It is critically important to prevent misunderstandings and disappointments from happening. 

You can have confidence in a vendor you intend to hire by asking potential service providers how they update and inform you about your project from start to finish. Ask them what their policy is when a crew is running late. Do they let you know? Observe how well the prospective contractor communicates with you during their sales process because this is often a strong indicator of how you will be treated after becoming their client.

SERVPRO of Yuma is aware of the five most common shortcomings identified in this blog. We know any one of these problems can be relationship killers. While we are not 100% perfect, we do our very best to provide quality service by providing written estimates, arriving on time, communicating well, maintaining a clean and safe job site, and meeting our promised deadlines.  When a mistake happens, our people will own up to it. Our team members will do their very best to correct the issue. Everyone’s goal, at SERVPRO of Yuma is to satisfy our customers, to make you happy, and build a strong and positive reputation in Yuma and throughout the area.

For additional information or service, please reach out to our SERVPRO of Yuma East Foothills office, call: 928-247-1180. We’re here to help and “Like it never even happened.”

What are the Different Types of Mold?

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Mold technician in Tyvek suit Some mold projects are simple, others require more effort.

Mold is Part of the Fungi Kingdom

Mold is part of the fungi kingdom. Many people equate fungi to mushrooms. However, the fungi kingdom is more expansive than that. Fungi have a different cell structure than plants or animals. Fungi typically reproduce through spores which are tiny, microscopic cells that can survive through harsh conditions and sometimes replicate to produce more genetic copies. This ability to easily reproduce and survive harsh conditions is why mold is so hard to get rid! Mold comes in more than 100,000 species. Specific molds can survive in every climate and molds are found everywhere on our planet from rainforests to deserts, and beyond.

If You See Mold, Don’t Panic!

There are stories told about “black mold”, these people are talking about a specific mold named  Stachybotrys Chartarum. However, just because a mold is black doesn’t mean that it’s Stachybotrys Chartarum. There are one-hundred-thousand different kinds of mold and they come in all colors even pink, yellow, and blue!  Don’t automatically assume your home has Stachybotrys Chartarum.

However, if there is visible mold in your home (no matter the species) you will want to remove it or have professionals such as SERVPRO of Yuma assist you with the remediation (safe removal).

Once visible mold has been remediated the problem is not always solved. Unless, the cause of the mold growth is addressed, the mold will probably return in time. And the cause of mold growth is triggered by dampness and elevated humidity. These issues can be fixed. Often, it’s a matter of employing proper insulation, heating, or ventilation.  SERVPRO of Yuma and East Foothills understands how and why mold grows. We can provide a total remediation service:

  • Address the cause/source
  • Remove the mold

We perform inspections and provide quotes for the appropriate services. If you are concerned about, or suspect your home has mold issues please, contact us at: 928-247-1180

Can a Person be Confident that a Wet Building Can Be Fully Dried?

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leaking pipe No matter the source of water damage, we are here to help, SERVPRO of Yuma.

Modern Restorative Drying Techniques available to Yuma Property Owners are Effective

When portions of a structure become wet it is important to dry the effected structural materials quickly and thoroughly. How can the property owner know if the restoration company that “dried” the wet building did a good job and were able to dry the hidden moisture?

The drying equipment and techniques used by SERVPRO of Yuma are designed to help us apply the scientific drying standards established by the IICRC (the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification.)  These standards are based upon several decades of research at test centers and data collected from thousands of jobs. Our employees have graduated from IICRC certified training programs that teach the standards of care for a variety of different water damage situations including the severity of the “flooding”.

Here are three circumstances to consider:

  1. There are certain flood situations where dehumidifying the damp indoor air will be adequate for drying the damp structural materials.
  1. In hidden spaces dehumidified air can be pumped into the wet cavities in the structure by using small tubes and air-pumps. Other tubes can be inserted into these cavities to exhaust the damp air by way of vacuum pumps.
  1. In other cases, the penetration of water into certain building materials may require that the wet materials be removed by way of controlled demolition In other cases, the penetration of water into certain building materials may require that the wet materials be removed by way of controlled demolition.

Qualified restoration technicians at SERVPRO of Yuma know when to use surface drying techniques, when to use penetration (inner wall) drying, and when controlled demolition is required.

However, the question remains, is it dry?

Using the correct restorative techniques and technology are important, however how do we know if the systems worked. Is the structure dry?

There are moisture meters, humidity sensors, and thermal image cameras that can detect hidden moisture. These advance tools are available for the property damage recovery industry. Our SERVPRO technicians use these tools to monitor the moisture reduction from the first day on the job, through drying, and to job completion.

A customer should feel confident about the drying results when SERVPRO of Yuma has produced the restorative drying process. Furthermore, SERVPRO work-orders and contracts provide written guarantees for our customers.

Our goal is to always do the job right and have satisfied customers.  For your water damage and other property damage needs, please call SERVPRO of Yuma at: 928-247-1180

How Does SERVPRO of Yuma define “Commercial” Work?

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Drying equipment Rapid drying in place to return a business to operation.

Is SERVPRO of Yuma Capable of Serving Commercial Clients?

First, let’s define “commercial” restoration projects. Commercial property damage cleanup jobs are performed for businesses rather than for individual homeowners. Commercial jobs, that are paid for by insurance come under a different payment schedule and are managed by commercial and large loss experienced adjusters.  

There are commercial jobs that involve peoples’ homes and apartments. For example: repairing property damage at an apartment building or a condominium association would be classified as commercial projects because apartments are “income property” and condominiums are state certified corporations.

Commercial restoration projects tend to be much larger than single dwelling residential jobs.  The mitigation and restoration work performed by commercial experienced technicians and their sub-contractors often includes document and data recovery, electronic equipment salvage, and the repair of heavy manufacturing equipment. This means that a company providing commercial service must maintain a substantial inventory of restorative drying equipment and have rapid access to other resources to quickly restore a large structure.  

Another important and specialized aspect of performing commercial work is employing strategies to keep a business open and functioning during the recovery period. In fact, commercial insurance policies often include a clause to insure percentage of lost revenue during a disaster event. Thus, insurance companies will reward vendors who are able to keep a business operating or get them reopened quickly. This is called business interruption insurance.

Here's a twist…many commercial customers, including government facilities are self-insured. That means they pay vendors directly from funds set aside for emergencies. Providing services for self-insured agencies requires that contractors have registered with government contractor programs, adhere to a long list of regulations, and agree to standards and rules for employee pay. Since we are on the topic of money, it should be noted that commercial customers seldom make a down-payment. This causes commercial restoration contractors to have sufficient operating capital or an established line of credit to be able to finance the work including a large loss project that can be hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars and more.

SERVPRO of Yuma is commercial and large loss experienced and capable! We invite business owners and managers, government and public agencies, and large industry in our area to meet us and have a conversation about disaster-preventative-contingencies. Please, contact us at: 928-247-1180

Smoke and Soot Can Cause as Much or More Damage as the Flames During a Fire

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Stove top fire The smoke often causes more damage than the flames.


Beyond just the fire damage, residual smoke and soot can cause a great deal of damage. Soot often contains impure carbon-based residues, creating a hazardous situation. Soot is basically un-burnt hydrocarbons. It’s the residue of the materials that were on fire. Many structural building materials contain adhesives and petroleum-based (carbon based) components such as plastics. Carpeting and laminate flooring are an example of this. When these materials are not fully combusted particulate carbon and gases are released into the air and become residues that eventually cling to or settle on interior surfaces as soot.

There are four common types of smoke damage (dry smoke, protein residue, fuel/oil residue, and wet smoke) that are each caused by different circumstances like the fire’s temperature and fueling materials. The cleanup and restoration process varies slightly for each kind of smoke/soot contamination.

  • Dry Smoke
    Dry smoke is created by fast-burning, high-temperature fires that are typically fueled by paper or wood. Its powdery texture means it doesn’t smear when being wiped up. It’s relatively easy to clean compared to more dense smoke and soot residue. However, dry smoke usually produces very small particles of soot that can work their way into cracks or porous materials which can make it difficult to remove the smoke odor.
  • Protein Residue
    A cooking mishap can cause protein residue particles to be carried into the smoke. This type of smoke can be essentially invisible with no noticeable soot or streaking, but it can permanently discolor paint and other finished surfaces. While it may be difficult to see protein residue, it’s not hard to smell it. I left untreated the unpleasant odor will intensify over time and can permeate your entire home or business and the contents within.
  • Fuel/Oil Residue
    Fuel/oil residue, also called petroleum residue, thankfully isn’t seen too often in home or business fires unless petroleum products were being stored in the space. However, it’s not uncommon for a building with an oil burning furnace to have a “puffback” where it doesn’t ignite properly and ultimately releases smoke and soot into the surrounding space. This means you can be dealing with fuel residue smoke damage even when there hasn’t been a fire. Petroleum residue is sticky, dense, and especially difficult to clean. Its odor is strong and offensive, easily ruining upholstery and carpets when not cleaned promptly.
  • Wet Smoke
    Wet smoke damage comes from low-heat, smoldering fires. Both plastic and rubber produce this contamination when they are burned. These especially smelly fires usually have fewer flames but produce thick, black smoke. Because wet smoke residue is sticky and dense can completely cover your home or business’s surfaces. This soot residue it difficult to remove without special equipment and cleaning agents because it tends to smear during the cleaning process.

How does  SERVPRO of Yuma restore smoke damage to your home or business?

There are three main ways to deal with smoke damage after a fire:

  • cleaning, resurfacing, and replacing. When possible, we clean your space by removing the smoke residue from all existing items, avoiding the high costs of replacing them. This is often the case with smaller blazes that leave behind minimal damage.
  • When the smoke residue is worse or has been given time to permeate your space, we will attempt to salvage or repair existing items to return them to their pre-fire state. This involves advanced cleaning or re-painting, re-carpeting, re-upholstering, and so on.
  • In extreme cases, we will replace all non-salvageable items and provide re-construction services. This is the last choice solution because of its high cost, but it’s necessary when the damage is severe. Please understand: If an insurance company is involved, then an insurance adjuster will have the final say on what is to be salvaged or replaced. 

Please contact our office if you ever experience a fire and smoke damage emergency. The sooner we are invited to help, the faster you will be able to have your structure returned to its’ preloss condition. Please understand, during a disaster, first and foremost, we work for you and we’re also experienced in successfully interacting with insurance companies. We’re  SERVPRO of Yuma East Foothills. 928-247-9811

Does SERVPRO have a Storm Response Team?

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SERVPRO power generators During storm recovery, large equipment is often brought into the affected region.

Our Region of the Country is No Stranger to Storms

Yuma and region is susceptible to Monsoon rains and flash flooding that can not only impact individual structures, the water damage and flooding can devastate entire communities including causing loss of life. SERVPRO of Yuma is experienced in providing storm damage response for rain and water events. We are also experienced in providing qualified services for other types of natural or man caused disasters.

SERVPRO of Yuma is a certified member of SERVPRO Industries’ Storm Response Team. As a team member, we have travelled to Texas, to perform mitigation and restoration services for freeze damage and flooding. Our trained storm team technicians have also responded to multiple wildfire events throughout the state of California. During a large fire the quality of the air usually becomes a serious concern. Because we offer HVAC cleaning, we were assigned to thoroughly clean the HVAC system at a hospital. Our team was pleased to provide this important service.

When large disaster event happen, they will rapidly overwhelm the local response services. That’s why the states and federal government will shift equipment and response personnel to the heavily affected areas. Likewise, property disaster restoration companies often become overwhelmed. That’s why SERVPRO Industries has developed a national storm response team (a support network) to shift resources from around the country to where they are most needed at any given time. Numbers of SERVPRO franchises have been trained to participate in the Storm Team.

At SERVPRO of Yuma and our sister company SERVPRO of El Centro, we are pleased to know that if a large-scale disaster happens in our area, competent help would be on the way to support us in serving our local communities.  We hope that you too are confident that SERVPRO will be ready to help, no matter how big the storm disaster!

We are always available to talk and to provide service, just call… 928-247-1180

Is SERVPRO of Yuma a Customer Based Company?

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Service person at the door SERVPRO has well trained and polite representatives.

Training and Experience Really Makes SERVPRO’s Team More Efficient!

Yes, we are customer and client based. Training and experience result in a high level of efficiency and positive teamwork. Our office staff and supervisors in SERVPRO of Yuma/East Foothills treat our repair and restoration employees with  the ultimate in respect which creates a positive work environment. Every employee feels valued, and they know their roles in the company are important. Our operating philosophy is “during the typical workflow, we all take our turn interacting with the customer. At that moment in time, we are the most important employee, and our goal is to always provide the best service possible.” At SERVPRO of Yuma/East Foothills, these are not just words. We show our employees how important they are to SERVPRO and to our customers by:

  • Continually investing in employee training
  • Team members celebrate their training and earning certifications
  • Ensure employees follow safety rules to reduce risk and injury
  • Team members participate in community activities and events

How Does a Business Prosper When the Employee Culture is Positive?

Everything happens for the good! When businesses treat their staff well, the turnover rate of employees decreases. Long-term employees train and inspire newer ones. explaining. Employees interact with each other in a respectful way, helping others on our team grow as professionals, building their skills, and increasing their confidence in their ability to perform each new job to the customer’s satisfaction.

We invite you to meet our employees. We are pleased to answer questions about any property maintenance or repair concerns. If you have a property emergency, please call. Please be aware, SERVPRO of Yuma/East Foothills performs property damage repair 24/7. Contact our office any time of the day by calling: 928-247-1180.

Is mold a problem in Yuma?

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Mold growing on two walls. The mold on these two walls was growing behind a dresser and a bed headboard.

How Can Buildings in a Desert Climate Have a Mold Problem?

In the center of the desert, only a short distance from the Mexican Border the temperatures can get extremely high. One would think it’s too dry to have mold problems. Mold problems happen in our homes and commercial structures, and when they do, the problem will often spread quickly.

While many molds have adapted to low humidity and the elevated heat of the desert, these are not usually the molds that typically cause problems for building interiors or are problematic to people. While average outdoor humidity in the Yuma area is around 40% there are three months of the year when our desert has elevated humidity and is more supportive for all kinds of mold growth. For your information, the molds that can cause health effects for people require relative humidity above 60%.

The so called black mold, Stachybotrys, and others are the types of mold that can pose a threat to humans because they produce fine airborne spores that can easily enter our respiratory system. These molds find enough locations in the desert with adequate moisture to support their growth and survival year around and they benefit from the Monsoon rain season. Trust us when we say, “airborne mold spores will find their way into wet or damp indoor environments.” Since these molds prefer 60% relative humidity (and above) and temperatures in the 70F to 85F range they will thrive in a damp indoor environment. Remember, most indoor environments are air-conditioned to this temperature range. Once an indoor environment is wet by a plumbing mishap or groundwater flooding, the interior humidity will quickly elevate to 60% RH and above. Unless HEPA filtration, the HVAC system will move spores throughout the ventilation system. Even if an HVAC system has advanced filtration to capture mold spores the system will blow and move the air in rooms and that can spread the spores around causing some of them to settle on wet portions of walls and other surfaces such as paper, cardboard, leather, and certain fabrics such as cotton. These surfaces named, are considered food sources for mold colonies.

Ideal Food Sources for Mold:




Decaying food


Cotton fabric

As we have explained, mold can indeed become a problem in desert community homes and buildings just like it can become a problem in a temperate or tropical climate. The reason, no matter where we live, our homes and their interior atmosphere are similar and plumbing leaks, water flooding, and other issues can quickly raise indoor humidity to a level where mold can grow and spread spores.

If you suspect your home or building has a mold problem, please call SERVPRO of Yuma. We are always happy to talk with you and/or make a site visit. If remediation services are required, we may introduce you to an Industrial Hygienist (third party) who can provide a written scope about the remedy. SERVPRO understands how to safely remove mold by following EPA and OSHA guidelines.

Our business phone: 928-247-1180.

Water Damage Mitigation Should Begin Quickly After a Flood

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flooded kitchen There are dozens of ways a home or business can become flooded. SERVPRO of Yuma can help cleanup the mess!

Why is "Time" Important During Water Damage Restoration?

When a structure has a water flooding event the EPA says it is vital to begin the restoration process within 48-hours or less, because wetness in an indoor environment can produce bacteria growth and cause secondary damage.  Secondary damage is damage to contents caused by the elevated indoor humidity caused by the flooding.  Paper, leather, and other materials may be ruined by excessive moisture. High humidity can also cause problems such as potential mold growth. If the structure already has mold colonies prior to the recent flooding event, the elevated humidity often stimulates the existing mold to grow and spread its spores. Even if there are no mold colonies present prior to the flooding event there are already mold spores in the indoor air. These spores can settle on wet building materials and begin to grow. Many studies indicate that mold spores can begin to grow in a damp, high-humidity (60% RH and above) as quickly as three to five days. That is why it is imperative to begin mitigation (stop and contain the damage) as quickly as possible.  In fact, mitigation and restoration companies such as SERVPRO of Yuma, believe it is best to begin extracting water and drying a wet structure whenever possible within hours of the flooding event. 

Standing water on a floor may be from a clean water source such as a bathroom sink overflow, or the water may have come from a sewage backup which is referred to as blackwater. It is easier to extract and dry up “clean water” than it is to cleanup and dry “blackwater.” Don’t worry, competent mitigation companies like ours will employ the proper techniques and equipment for each type of water damage regardless of the size and extent of the damage.

Please, do yourself a favor, if your property suffers a serious sewage backup, don’t attempt to clean it up yourself. Sewage often contains bacteria and nasty chemicals.

Safety Tips For Victims of Water Damage:

- Wet floors are a slip hazard

- Wet structures may present an electrocution risk

- When a room is wet, check inside closets and opposite walls for additional wetness

- Remove books, papers, boxes, and clothing away from wet areas

- Don’t attempt to cleanup serious sewage spills

- Don’t procrastinate in calling for professional help

SERVPRO of Yuma has solved hundreds of water damage problems at homes, businesses, schools, churches, hospitals, and other locations. We will be there for you, 24/7 should you ever need our services. 928-247-1180


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