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How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

12/8/2022 (Permalink)

sweeping up a water spill Sweeping up and or extracting excess water is often the first step in water mitigation.

There are Several Ways to Prevent Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common and costly problems to affect a home. The good news, there are ways to maintain a home to prevent water damage problems from happening.

  1. Remove outdoor plants and trees that are near water and sewage pipes
  2. Remove hoses from outdoor faucets when a freeze is anticipated
  3. Clean your gutters and downspouts frequently
  4. Push rain runoff away from the foundation (especially door and garage entries)
  5. Have sandbags ready if your home is in a potential flood zone
  6. If you use a sump pump, make sure it is in good working order
  7. Inspect your windows for water leaks
  8. Look at your roof, or have it professionally inspected
  9. Install an intelligent water main shutoff valve


  • Install smart water sensors
  • Inspect appliances that use water/ keep them in good repair
    1. Washing machines
    2. Dishwashers
    3. Ice makers
    4. Water-heaters  
  • Know where your main water shutoff is located
  • Know how to shut off specific water valves to toilets, sinks, etc.

 The Importance of the Water Main:

Plumbing experts say that the water main shutoff may be the most crucial plumbing feature in the entire house. Your water main supplies water to the other pipes throughout your entire house. Knowing where to shut off the water will minimize any damage if you experience a plumbing emergency inside your home.

It is also a great idea to shut off your water main if you leave your home for an extended period.

Maintain Appliances:

Appliances are the most common cause of in-home water damage. Check and maintain your appliances regularly for leaks according to the manufacturer’s directions. A water supply hose typically has a life expectancy of about five years. Replace yours regularly to avoid a mighty mess and expensive damage.

Install Water Detection Devices:

A water detector is a small electronic device that sounds an alarm when its sensor is in contact with moisture. Install it near water heaters, sump pumps, washing machines, dishwashers, and toilets to prevent extensive damage.  Some of the most advanced sensors can be connected to WIFI to send an alert signal to a smartphone. These devices are available at hardware stores and online retailers.

For more information about water damage and how to prevent it, please visit 123HELP.

Accidents Happen:

Even with the best planning and maintenance, a home may suffer from a water damage emergency. If that happens, SERVPRO of Yuma provides water damage restoration services 24/7. We are just a phone call away… 928-247-1180

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