SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills Employee Photos

Owners photo

Andy Alvarez

Andy Alvarez is the Owner of SERVPRO of El Centro/ Salton City. He is deeply passionate about assisting businesses and families after a water or fire damage event. SERVPRO is also licensed in California and Arizona for general contracting; and asbestos and lead removal. Andy and his wife proudly exemplify their desire to meet and beat customer expectations.

Owners phots

Karina Alvarez

Karina Alvarez is the Controller for SERVPRO of El Centro/ Salton City and is co-owner with her husband, Andy. Their teamwork inspires the office staff, the sales reps, and the technicians to provide exceptional service and results for our clients and customers.

Gloria Rocha

Gloria Rocha

Gloria is the Office Manager and has over 12 years of experience working with other SERVPRO operations before joining our Yuma-based team in 2023. She quickly says this about her position, "I like how there are many moving parts—learning something new every day and enjoying helping people through the many obstacles that disasters bring."

Employee Anthony Padilla

Tony Padilla

Tony Padilla is based in El Centro. However, he provides daily assistance for our Yuma office. Tony has an extensive background in property damage restoration, having worked in various stages of the business. Before joining SERVPRO of Yuma and (El Centro operation), he worked for a significant restoration company in the Los Angeles area as a restoration technician in the field and the office as a manager in their "storm department." Tony has traveled throughout California and Southern US, managing cleanup activities for fire storms, ice storms, hurricanes, and flood events. 

Image of Ana Molina

Ana Molina

Ana joined SERVPRO at the beginning of 2023 as our Administrative Assistant. She has several years of experience in this discipline and will help our expanding organization operate more efficiently.

Image of Blanca Araujo

Blanca Araujo

Fire and Content Department: Blanca is the Fire Cleanup and Content Manager and is in charge of the team that cleans fire-damaged structures and contents at homes and commercial facilities. Blanca has been with SERVPRO of El Centro, Salton City, since 2021. When asked what do you like about working for SERVPRO? She said, "I love that I always meet new people. I love how they are from different walks of life and learning about their likes and dislikes when it comes to doing my job. I get to learn a lot from that."

Image of Victor Covantes

Victor Covantes

Victor joined our company in 2023 as our Inventory Controller. He keeps track of the customer contents being cleaned at our facility and our tools and equipment. He has six years of experience. He says this about SERVPRO, "I like the order of things here; I like the atmosphere. I like helping with inventory."

Angelo Treadway

Angelo Treadway

Angelo has been a Lead Technician at SERVPRO since 2021. He enjoys working at SERVPRO, "Everyone works as a team. Great management. I love getting to help people; I like the learning experience because jobs always come with different obstacles and situations."

Angel Ochoa

Angel Ochoa

Angel joined SERVPRO in 2022 as a Technician. When asked what do you like about your job? Ange answered, "It's a variety of work, never the same. I like the wholesome feeling that I get when clients express to me their gratification when they are satisfied with a job the team and I have done"

Israel Ochoa, technician at SERVPRO of Yuma East

Israel Ochoa

Israel began his employment with SERVPRO of Yuma East Foothill in 2023. He works as a water and fire damage Restoration Technician. Here's what he enjoys about his position, "I love the atmosphere; I like how every day it's different—getting the chance to help customers and see the smile on their faces when the job gets done.

Image of Marco Molina

Marco Molina

Marco has been a Lead Technician with SERVPRO of El Centro since 2020. He has this to say about his role at SERVPRO, "I like the labor, the atmosphere in every environment that I work in. I like the learning experience and the growth."

Image of John Jimenez

John Jimenez

John is a Lead Technician at SERVPRO with restoration industry experience dating back to 2019. He loves the new challenges every day brings and the opportunity to help families and businesses restore their homes and properties after property damage.

Image of David Castro

David Castro

David joined SERVPRO in 2022 as a technician with three years of construction experience. When asked what he likes about his job, David responded, "They allow us to grow here. There is a lot to learn, and I like the experience of learning from my co-workers."

Image of Emily Trujillo

Emily Trujillo

Emily is the Lead Content Cleaning Technician and has been with SERVPRO since 2022. She said this about her position, "I like doing blackouts, cleaning, and doing laundry. It reminds me of who I'm doing it for. People who have gone through a crisis."

Image of Charlyn Trujillo

Charlyn Trujillo

Charlyn joined SERVPRO in 2022 as a content cleaning specialist. She had this to say about her work in restoring smoke and water-damaged contents. When asked about her work, "I like how everyone here has helped in some way with my growth. So, I like the people, the environment, the learning experiences, and most, important I like that my contribution helps the people in my community."

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