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How Do You Hire A Good Service Provider?

12/9/2022 (Permalink)

Man fixing plaster ceiling Be sure to check out a company before you hire them.

Tips about How to Hire a Service Contractor

Good service providers are concerned with customer satisfaction. They want to turn customers into repeat businesses. Shady companies are about making as much money as possible from each job and customer.

Reputable companies plan to be in business for the long haul. They care about our community and its reputation. In a town the size of Yuma, a bad reputation spreads quickly.

There are many companies that are honest and mean well, but they fail to deliver on quality, or have other serious shortcomings that impact their customers. The typical weaknesses are:

  • Not putting estimates in writing
  • Late arrival
  • Poor communication during the job
  • Working messy
  • Missing deadlines

Of these five problems, research studies reveal that the lack of clear communication is the basis for 80% of customer complaints about contractors. The remedy seems simple, keep both parties informed by using text memos, photographs of the work, and, most important of all, face-to-face conversations. However, communication failures seem to be part of the human condition and can quickly become the most significant obstacle in developing a stable professional relationship. It is critically important to prevent misunderstandings and disappointments from happening. 

You can have confidence in a vendor you intend to hire by asking potential service providers how they update and inform you about your project from start to finish. Ask them what their policy is when a crew is running late. Do they let you know? Observe how well the prospective contractor communicates with you during their sales process because this is often a strong indicator of how you will be treated after becoming their client.

SERVPRO of Yuma is aware of this blog's five most common shortcomings. We know any one of these problems can be relationship killer. While we are not 100% perfect, we do our very best to provide quality service by providing written estimates, arriving on time, communicating well, maintaining a clean and safe job site, and meeting our promised deadlines.  When a mistake happens, our people will own up to it. Our team members will do their very best to correct the issue. Everyone’s goal at SERVPRO of Yuma is to satisfy our customers, make you happy, and build a solid and positive reputation in Yuma and throughout the area.

For additional information or service, don't hesitate to contact our SERVPRO of Yuma East Foothills office, call 928-247-1180. We’re here to help and “Like it never even happened.”

A valuable free gift from SERVPRO of Yuma.

12/9/2022 (Permalink)

cellphone in hand Business owners can download a free emergency preparedness app from SERVPRO of Yuma.

We Care About Yuma Businesses

SERVPRO of Yuma is committed to helping businesses in Yuma and the surrounding area thrives. We’re part of the community, and having a healthy business environment is as essential to everyone’s quality of life. That’s why we offer a free customized ERP (Emergency Ready Plan) for every business in Yuma, Dome, Fortuna Foothills, and Ligurta.

We know that when a business suffers a major property disaster such as a fire, it is difficult for companies to re-open their doors. We also know that almost half of the businesses that do reopen will go out of business within the following year. Why? It’s not usually because they don’t have insurance. It’s because they don’t have an emergency plan in place to help them be back in business quickly. A slow recovery can be deadly for a company because they lose its customers. Customers go elsewhere and become accustomed to the new business.

Schools, hospitals, and large businesses have extensive disaster recovery plans ready and in place. In fact, these organizations usually have one or more risk managers on staff to manage problems and challenges before they get out of hand and seriously impact the entity.

Small businesses don’t need an extensive plan or a person on payroll to manage potential disasters. However,  emergency preparedness planning should be part of running a business.

FEMA and the Red Cross offer advice on emergency readiness. SERVPRO of Yuma takes it a step further. We have an EPR APP that puts your customized information about your company and facility at your fingertips.

What’s the Gimmick?

None. We believe that if we work with you to customize your business survival and recovery plan, we will build a friendly and favorable relationship. If you ever have an emergency, you would likely opt to call us. It’s that simple. There are no costs of any kind, no contracts, and you maintain and own your information on the APP.

Sounds too good to be true. Call us and let us demonstrate to you that we really care about our fellow business community at 928-247-1180. We’re SERVPRO of Yuma.

Is SERVPRO of Yuma Customer Based?

12/7/2022 (Permalink)

technician at door smiling SERVPRO trains technicians to be courteous.

Training and Experience Make the SERVPRO’s Team More Efficient!

Yes, we are customer and client based. Training and experience result in a high level of efficiency and positive teamwork. Our office staff and supervisors in SERVPRO of Yuma/East Foothills treat our repair and restoration employees with the ultimate respect, which creates a positive work environment. Every employee feels valued, and they know their roles in the company are essential. Our operating philosophy is “during the typical workflow, we all take turns interacting with the customer. At that moment in time, we are the most important employee, and our goal is always to provide the best service possible.” At SERVPRO of Yuma/East Foothills, these are not just words. We show our employees how important they are to SERVPRO and to our customers by:

  • Continually investing in employee training
  • Team members celebrate their training and earning certifications
  • Ensure employees follow safety rules to reduce risk and injury
  • Team members participate in community activities and events

How Does a Business Prosper When the Employee Culture is Positive?

Everything happens for good! When businesses treat their staff well, the turnover rate of employees decreases. Long-term employees train and inspire newer ones. explaining. Employees respectfully interact with each other, helping others on our team grow as professionals, building their skills, and increasing their confidence in their ability to perform each new job to the customer’s satisfaction.

We invite you to meet our employees. We are pleased to answer questions about any property maintenance or repair concerns. If you have a property emergency, please call. Please be aware that SERVPRO of Yuma/East Foothills performs property damage repair 24/7. Contact our office any time of the day by calling: 928-247-1180.  

We Invest in Our Business to Better Serve You

11/17/2022 (Permalink)

Ugly green SERVPRO sales vehicle. New vehicles and equipment help us serve you fully by providing the tools our employees require to do their job and earn consumer trust.

Consumers Don't Always Understand What Goes into Building a Business.

At SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills, we aim to please our customers by delivering outstanding service. That means we must have the equipment, vehicles, and tools that our technicians can use to support a 24/7 operation.

Property disasters, storm damage, and other mishaps rarely happen at a convenient time. They tend to come in bunches, making what we do very challenging. 

However, despite the challenges, SERVPRO of Yuma East Foothills works hard to be the best mitigation and restoration resource in the entire area. That's why we continue to hire great people and invest in our infrastructure. 

  • Vehicles
  • Tools
  • Advance restoration equipment
  • Training
  • Facilities

We are dedicated to growing and being your best resource when property damage strikes. Please, consider calling SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills for all of your specialty cleaning and restoration needs. 

Consejos e Información de SERVPRO para Daños Causados por el Agua en Yuma

10/8/2022 (Permalink)

widow with water condensation Para más información sobre la ciudad de Yuma, haga clic aquí.

Daños Causados por el Agua en su Hogar en Yuma Pudieran Deformar sus Ventanas

Su hogar en Yuma pudiera verse afectado por el agua por distintas razones. Por ejemplo, el uso diario del agua en baños y cocinas produce vapor de agua. La humedad ambiental en forma de vapor de agua puede asentarse en su casa y causar problemas también. Filtraciones alrededor de sus ventanas causadas por lluvia o por la condensación del agua pueden afectar los marcos de sus ventanas y hacerlas difícil de abrir o cerrar.

Las ventanas del hogar siempre deben estar seguras para evitar riesgos, pero las ventanas de propiedades en Yuma que han sufrido daños causados por el agua pueden tener dificultades al cerrarse. Una manera de ayudar a solucionar el problema es la instalación de un deshumidificador. La instalación de ventiladores y escapes de vapor en zonas como baños y cocinas puede ser incluso más efectivo para evitar la necesidad de instalar deshumidificadores más adelante. Claro está que los sistemas de ventilación deben estar instalados correctamente para expulsar la humedad de su hogar de manera adecuada.

Cuando el personal de SERVPRO se encuentra con marcos de ventanas afectadas, comenzamos a manejar la situación eliminando cualquier exceso de humedad que se detecte. Esto lo hacemos contando con mediciones precisas de los niveles de humedad en los marcos de dichas ventanas. Dependiendo de la magnitud del daño, quizás podramos restaurar el marco de la ventana a su estado original. Muchas veces sólo podemos restaurar una parte del marco debido a la extensión del problema; otras veces es necesario instalar una nueva ventana. Con un poco de suerte, podemos extraer la humedad, minimizar la deformación y sellar de nuevo el marco de la ventana con el sellador apropiado. Sin embargo, resguardar la seguridad de su familia y su tranquilidad es nuestra prioridad.

El caso contrario, cuando las ventanas son muy difíciles de abrir, es igual de riesgoso. Si su familia no puede abrir una ventana, su vida corre peligro en caso de un incendio a la vez que no puede gozar de los beneficios del aire circulante. No poder escapar de un incendio debido a que la ventana está atascada es una razón muy válida para que su familia sienta pánico y ansiedad. Restaurar y reparar las ventanas es un paso muy importante para resguardar la seguridad de su familia.

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